Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I made this figurine for a birthday cake somewhere in Mt Isa, QLD. Mt Isa is a big mining town and this is a small mining figurine :) Also included some progress shots for anyone interested in how it came together.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

All glue guns are born equal, right?

WRONG! Different glue guns are absolutely not equal, despite the fact that all they do is melt glue and push it forward. You'd think this was an easy enough task and what could possibly go wrong if you get the cheapest one from the supermarket?

These are things that don't go wrong when you invest in a better glue gun:
• The glue and tip don't heat up above the necessary temperature and so you are less likely to burn yourself,
• the glue cuts off more cleanly instead of creating webs all over the place like translucent non-cheesy mozarella,
• there is no strange burning smell,
• the trigger actually pushes the glue forward instead of just vaguely attempting it.

There you have it. The advantages of paying a bit more for a decent glue gun.